Protesting Taxes Information
Property Tax Appeal Guide#1-
For all counties except: Allen, Cherokee, Labette, Pottawatomie, Sedgwick, and Woodson County

Property Tax Appeal Guide#2-
For Allen, Cherokee, Labette, Pottawatomie, Sedgwick,
and Woodson County

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1. If you have not had a meeting with the County Appraiser on the valuation of your property for the same tax year, you can file a protest. Protest forms are available on this site or from your County Treasurer.

2. Please read and follow the instructions carefully for a successful appeal. NOTE: If the protest form is received in the Treasurer's office unsigned, the protest will be considered invalid and will be returned to you. The delay may jeopardize your chances for a hearing.

3. Tax protest forms must be completed, before sending to the Treasurer's office on or before December 20th. If taxes are paid by an escrow agent/ mortgage company, you have until January 31st of the following year to file your protest.

4. You must keep a copy of the protest forms. You will need to use this form to file the protest with the Board of Tax Appeals if you are not satisfied with the County's decision.

5. The County Appraiser will contact you to schedule an informal meeting after the County Treasurer forwards your protest forms to the Appraiser. If you are filing a protest on the basis of an illegal tax levy, an Appendix must be completed and attached to the protest forms. Those protest forms will by mailed by the Treasurer to the State Board of Tax Appeals. No informal hearing will be held with the Appraiser in the case of illegal tax levies.

6. If you are successful in your appeal and your taxes are reduced and result in a refund, payment will be issued upon the Treasurer receiving a correction from the County Appraiser's office.

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