Mortgage Company Payments

Options for paying real estate tax:

Half payment of tax due December 20th of the current year.

Utilizing half payment:

First half due December 20th of current year.
Second half due May 10th of following year.

Notice of past due taxes:

Past due notices are sent to homeowner not to the escrow agent.

Lending agents utilizing taxing services:

Lending agents sometimes use taxing services that pay by tape. Therefore, if you receive a tax bill, your lending agent needs to update the information to their taxing service or the Treasurer's Office. If the mortgage is paid off or refinanced it is the mortgage company's responsibility to notify the Treasurer's office.

All requests for tax bills have to be received by the Treasurer's office no later than September 15th of the current year, in order to print real estate tax bills and mail by November of the current year

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